Saturday, May 3, 2008

And so we begin again.

I just got off the telephone with Patty checking in and making sure she is doing okay. We picked up a sibling group of four two girls and two boys. We now have a household of nine that includes myself, Patty, my daughter Candy, our long term placement eighteen year old S, our seven year old with a personality disorder and the four new children.

Yesterday was packed to the gills with Patty running around from work picking up the new placements and Candy and I having to unpack S's furniture at storage center and then get the seven year old 'M' to school for an hour. ('M' is in home bound schooling due to her condition)

We found out after picking up the children that the two boys are diagnosed with full blown ADHD and were instrumental in shortening their last placement to only four days. We took them straight to the doctor, obtained scripts for their meds and then home.

Today Patty has let me know that the oldest boy has stolen eggs from a chicken and thrown them in the road, tried to poke the other children from under the trampoline while they were jumping and just recently pointed at the old dog until bitten.

I am currently at a part-time job and can't get home to relieve Patty who assures me all is under control but makes a point of telling me not to mosey when it is time to come home.

Patty and I have noticed though that the house is alive again though a little chaotic right now. We love it.

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