Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day of Forever Change.

Today started as many others but promises to end much differently as well as change the routine for the days ahead. We will be welcoming two new children into our home today with the intention of fostering to adopt.

Many times in the past I had wished that I had begun documenting the day to day adventures of bringing children into our home that others have cast aside. We have struggled so immensely with bad D.C.S. caseworkers, manipulative relatives, and the damage caused to children by parents and the system meant to help them and should have documented just for the sake of revisit. This time hopefully I will maintain this thread and a life story will unfold.

Let me set the stage for today's event.

We have an adopted special needs son named Raymond that is a story in its own. His adoption was final at the beginning of this year.

My youngest daughter age twenty-five along with her husband and baby of nine months are staying with us until the end of January or so when she leaves to rejoin her husband on the Caribbean island of Dominica where he will be attending medical school.

My grandson age fifteen is staying with us until he finishes high school in 2012.

We had two of our former foster daughters stay the night last night along with two of my granddaughters ages four through eight.

Our new girls ages ten and eleven will be arriving after three today with most if not all of their worldly possessions. These two little ones have issues that have bounced them around in Foster Care through five placements each one leaving its mark as well. They are bright, articulate, inquiring, active, loving, angry, emotionally disconnected, and damaged in ways yet determined but after today irreversibly connected to our family and our hearts.

While sitting here at work I realized that Patty and I were entering into another life event from which a demarcation is set and there is no going back to the way it was. We will be accepting two new lives into our hearts beginning today and no matter the outcome will forever be changed by what follows.

I am excited and trepid at the prospects of this new life adventure.