Monday, May 5, 2008

Annnd they're off!

We had a close call this morning. Apparently after retrieving a couple of logs from the horse pasture for a campfire last night I failed to latch the gate properly. This morning our neighbor from in back and then police dispatch contacted us to inform us that our horses were loose and on the run.

My wife was in a panic, rousting me out of my morning shower announcing that things were amiss and peppering me with a staccato of instructions on what I needed to do to correct things.

I dressed as quickly as possible and met my daughter Candy at the back door as Patty updated us on the last known location of the equine runaways as somewhere near the neighbor’s lane.

We hopped into the car and as we began speeding toward the neighbor’s lane we were surprised to see our two horses in calm repose in the middle of the neighbor’s front yard not more than twenty feet from the road.

I easily placed a lead rope onto my horse while not even bothering with Gypsy as she began evasive maneuvers almost immediately. I, who am smarter than the average horse figured that Gypsy would follow where ever I led Apache. I learned that I was in fact correct proving my previous point by walking Apache to the pasture with Gypsy willingly following.

I thought everything was pretty well resolved and pleased that there were no complications until surveyed the damage in the barn from the goats that had been turned loose. They tipped everything they could looking for food and ended up eating half a container of horse grains. Then I attempted to adjust the pasture gate by standing on it and breaking the gate post on the hinge side. I guess I haven’t lost as much weight as I thought…

Memories are the only true items of value you take with you through life.

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