Saturday, May 10, 2008

Going to the Drive-In tonight!

It is our right of spring, our acknowledgement that warm weather is finally here and one of our families most dependable maker of memories, going to the Drive-in.

This spring we have six young ones between the ages of four and ten evenly split three and three in gender and who have never been to the Drive-in.

The wife and I will have the privilege tonight of watching the children in our care experience all the Drive-in has to offer such as the swing sets and playground equipment at the foot of the screen, the waiting between shows watching the longest minute count-down in anyone can remember and the unique warmth of a blanket cocooned around the body as one watches the drama on the giant screen.

Tonight we will be seeing Iron Man... (Hugely Exciting) what the other movie is none us know and won't really care until it is time to either enjoy it or fall asleep trying.

It'll be the best, it'll be family, it'll be our right of spring.

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