Saturday, May 17, 2008

Feet of Clay.

I lie here shaking in the desert night unable to walk, unable to carry, unable to fight.
Brought low by the battle, torn asunder by betrayal of my trusted charge.
It was not my battle chosen a beginning plea to defend; we fought for your freedom we fought for your soul I pledged to stay with until the very end.

As the battles raged and your enemies cut deep did I not carry you? Did I abandon you? Did I not weep?

My thoughts turn over the memories of mingling spirits and horrors of the past,
Horrors pulled from their putrid cave, laid bare, exposed and finally put to rest.
I remember the Golem’s mute cry as he pondered his retreat,
Watched as your truth ground his tactics under and led to his defeat.

As your memories were left burning both on earth and heaven’s gate did I not care for you? Did I not understand? Did I not weep?

Left by every war is the carnage of its wake a dispelled quiet spirit and the acceptance of one’s fate.
Though the battle so hard fought now over the war still not won,
With allies called and breastworks built a plan was carefully spun,

Through the choking mists of memories and phantom smells of Golem’s hand
With your past awash and fading did I not take your hand?
Did I not shout to proclaim your victory and praise your tremendous stand?

Four towers built for defense, four towers built for one.
A castle for your refuge for the healing of your pain,
A plan to make you strong again to lay your future in you hands.

Warriors in battle share a common theme or thread, the melding of their minds and sprits a sharing of their dread.
Because they fight together and never fight as one,
Each exposes to the other their weakness and their frailty their very core exposed,
Each hands onto the other the fabric of their soul.

I hoped to share your victory and see the conflict to the end but to another’s allegiance you committed to another’s counsel sought to another let defend.

May you win your future battles and ultimately the war. May you realize all your dreams and all the joy life has in store,

You shouldn’t judge so harshly please listen one last time, We tend to judge ourselves by the standard set for others instead of being kind.

I lie here crippled now watching as your army passes by,
Accepting that I can not follow you on these twisted stumps of mine,
You have chose another captain to fight for you this day,
I your former champion dispatched and unforgiven because of my Feet of Clay.


“Feet of Clay” is a figure of speech from the Bible (Daniel 2:33-45) used to indicate a weakness or a hidden flaw in the character of a greatly admired or respected person:

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