Saturday, May 17, 2008

What about Ray.

A gentle soul entered our life a couple of weeks ago, his name is Ray.
Raymond has Asperger syndrome a form of Autism but a less severe form than what people are typically familiar with.

In Ray’s case he is able to keep up with his peer group educationally but has some difficulty interacting socially and his motor skills are just a little slow.

The big plus in Ray’s condition though is that he is aware of others, their responses and emotions and how his actions affect others. In Ray’s awareness his inner being is easily displayed when his attention is grasped and a connection is made.

Ray can not make eye contact with another person without a huge smile appearing on his face letting one know that he simply likes the fact that you are there. He would rather give a hug than shake a hand or wave good-bye and will maintain his hug until he senses the other person begin to withdraw. As with many of Ray’s peers he is explicitly simple in his motives, actions and reactions toward others and completely devoid of envy, malice or anger.

Ray has only been with us for a week but has already stolen our hearts. He is an example of the reason we decided to foster children and I already know he is a permanent member of our family and our lives.

Welcome home Ray.

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Vanessa said...

I love Raymond!!! Why cant they all be as cool as him??