Friday, April 25, 2008

A question answered.

Someone I knew asked me to explain,
Just exactly what I thought of her deciphered through a name,
An inquest more of motive as she was blinded by her pain,
A question she need not ask as the answer had never changed.

This name had become a symbol of all that was sweet and true,
Of a loving tender devotion encompassing not just me but you,
A simple name meaning Joy and Happiness a future to pursue,
In the beauty of heaven's mantle I found the name ... Misty Blue.

M iracle that beat the odds.
I nspiring story of strength and hope.
S imple desire for joy and happiness.
T rusting despite so much betrayal.
Y earning for normalcy and happiness.
B utterfly beauty within and without.
L oving nature and a need to be loved.
U ndaunted spirt.
E nchanting memories created in the moment of her presence.

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