Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I lost a friend today.

I lost a friend today… This friend was my mental health counselor. I say a friend not just because of our relationship of counselor and counseled but because of a close interpersonal relationship that was developed over the years in that we shared details of personal insights and aspirations generally not restricted to the confines of the professional relationship. She was the person whom I had advocated that each of my children seek out during their own personal trials because I had come to trust and believe in her counsel and instincts. She had visited our home, knew our dreams and in our hearts had become family.

I lost a friend today because she had to choose and some how to not believe but couldn't?

We now have family members at odds and this counselor and friend chose to abandon and desert my family when she was truly needed. She sighted restrictions of ethics and the professional detachment as her justification but none of it was actually the truth.

I resent her passing as I believed in her so much. I believed that no matter the depth of problem or confusion she would always be there with her balanced counsel but I was mistaken. I resent her now apparent prejudice and naïveté in her adherence of an outrageous accusation without a more in depth analyzation of circumstance referencing past facts and personal knowledge and applying it more equitably to this problem.

I was offended by the apparent knee jerk reactions that this friend who knew me best when I realized that she was no longer responding with the insight of someone who knew and understood me but was now reacting to that personality type so typical of the persona I had been accused of being.

I was disgusted by her lack of personal fortitude of moral justice. I feel she was convinced that a member of my family was in terrible emotional pain and that my family too was in peril yet she walked away… Her oath, her obligation, her profession dictated that she see us and herself through this turmoil but she abandoned us.

I will miss my friend and remember what we had shared. Through the good and bad she did see me through some really horrible times and I will always remember her personal kindness and gentle soul.

Good bye my friend and God Bless

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